Team Management & more

How come some teams aremore efficient than others?

What do you need to build a solid team with a high

degree of cohesion?


If you have already tried to implement some tips & trics

but still are below your aims, try to see it through the

process of group dynamics and communication skills.





Dyneos-consultant & coach is accredited BELBIN TEAM ROLES, expert in Group Dynamics (K. Lewin)

and Certified in the fascinating Comcolors Model







Les différentes interventions peuvent être faites en 3 langues:

Engelstalige sessie voor teams van Nederlandstaligen en Franstaligen

with practices based on field experiences, discussions, simulations, analysis, Feed Back, etc. in either :

Nederlands - Français - English

Nobody's perfect. A team can be perfect !


How? By looking at and listening to the efficiency needs of the team and its members.

Why? To obtain a workable hands-on solution that will increase each member's performance because they "see" the why of the role they play.

Our consultance, coaching and training focus on human capital and aim for tangible and sustainable change in

Team management - Team roles (BELBIN) - Communication in and between teams - Leadership - Team Cohesion

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